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So excited to share some photos by Unity Mike of our setup at the Hyatt Cambridge for Sharon and Jon’s wedding. When we met with Sharon and Jon they wanted to make sure that their guests were comfortable while sitting on the floor for their sikh ceremony. We placed a cushion on the floor for each guest and than we created a floral aisle leading towards the vibrant canopy. We are totally in love with those lush pinks, greens, purples and oranges.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 12.36.01 AM

Look at the mirror cubes down the aisle reflecting everything around them!

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 12.35.46 AM

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 12.37.51 AM

Bride and groom during the ceremony! 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 12.40.37 AMScreen Shot 2017-03-10 at 12.41.23 AM

What a cute couple!! And how stunning does our bride look below?!!

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 12.39.38 AM Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 12.43.07 AM

DJ/Lighting – Silk Events DJ + Lighting

Venue – Hyatt Cambridge

Photo – Unity Mike

We are so excited to share photos from Puja and Raj’s wedding by BKB & CO. Puja wanted a traditional pillar mandap but with a modern flare. We created the mandap using pillars, drapes and a white floral wall in the center. We kept the colors on the mandap white and gold so Puja and Raj could stand out against the backdrop.

Our white reflective aisle makes for stunning photos like this! 🙂


Check out the floral wall in the center!



Yay they are married! 🙂

Lets make our way into the reception! We created a white and gold backdrop to carry the theme from the ceremony into the reception. Ooo and look at our white dance floor complimenting that backdrop.




Look at the happy couple!

Venue – Crowne Plaza Warwick

Photo – BKB&CO



Summer is fast approaching and after a long hibernation, aren’t we all just craving the outdoor sunlight and nature?! Especially if you have an upcoming wedding and would love to bring some lush into your wedding theme but don’t want to necessarily deal with the hot sun, bugs and other accessories that comes with an outdoor wedding, then here at Love Decor we can solve all your decor qualms and change your dream into reality with an indoor romantic garden theme reception backdrop that will leave you enchanted!

The Stage

Set the lush factor with a bold green backdrop and compliment it with romantic florals! We made the floral arrangements using some very vibrant pinks and oranges to have it stand out against the dark green backdrop. Check out our lovely bride sitting on her throne!


Indian Wedding Decorator MA 2

Indian Wedding Decorator MA 1

All in the Details

What’s an enchanted and magical garden without some butterflies? Make it look so real with adding some of these colorful beauties. And frame the romantic florals within a gold frame to make it look regal.

Indian Wedding Decorator MA 3

Indian Wedding Decorator MA

The Bride

What’s more enchanting than a romantic garden? The bride herself! Compliment the garden theme with a playful shade of green that makes her stand out. Accent the contemporary outfit with super soft curls that crowns the bold tikka.

Indian Wedding Decorator MA 6 Indian Wedding Decorator MA 4

Indian Wedding Decorator MA 5

Photo – Nicole Chan Photography

Clothing – Brocades Boutique

Makeup and Hair – Goka Love

We are so excited to share Rekha and Ryan’s wedding by Alain Martinez. We had so much fun designing this wedding. Our intricate gold and white dome mandap was especially ordered just for this wedding with elephants down the aisle. Belle Mer in Newport RI has a beautiful outdoor space with ocean as the backdrop and the mandap looked magical with the stunning scenery. 

Indian Wedding decorator Belle Mer newport RI 2

Indian Wedding decorator Belle Mer newport RI 4 Indian Wedding decorator Belle Mer newport RI 3

Loving these elephants!!! 🙂


Indian Wedding decorator Belle Mer newport RI 5 Indian Wedding decorator Belle Mer newport RI 6

    What a way to end the celebration with some awesome fireworks!!!

Indian Wedding decorator Belle Mer 2 Indian Wedding decorator Belle Mer 3 Indian Wedding Belle Mer RI 1

Photo – Alain Martinez

DJ – Silk Events

Planning and Floral – Perfect Surroundings

Venue – Belle Mer Newport RI

A Timeless and Trendy Rose Gold South Asian Wedding Reception

Gold is timeless. Rose gold is trendy. Mix them together and you have a timeless + trendy wedding! The sturdy rose gold sofa adjoining plush chairs on each side, and vintage brass etched vases on far ends all resting on top of a crisp white floor elevates this set up to another level!

Repeating patterns of white and gold drapes that are centered with an intricate backdrop, all placed in front of royal blue curtain is what makes all this is so timeless and trendy at the same time. It’s so hard to peel your eyes away from here…

Indian-Wedding-Decorator-MA-3 Indian-Wedding-Decorator-MA Indian-Wedding-Decorator-MA1 Indian-Wedding-Decorator-MA-5

Photo – Christian Pleva

Dj + Lighting – Silk Events Dj + Lighting

Venue – Renaissance Providence

An Under the Sea Royal South Asian Reception

That effect of the hanging crystals on the blue drapes in that lighting … makes you think of being under the blue sea and finding the most delicate white treasures and feeling…




The symmetry of the white drapes, the vintage chairs and couch alongside the contemporary metallic stools make it all so easy to marvel at this twinkle beauty! Here is a setup worth thousand words.

Bushra and Ali 1

Bushra and Ali 2 Bushra and Ali 3 Bushra and Ali 4

Photo – Muskaan Video

Dj + Lighting – Silk Events Dj + Lighting


There is no event that screams Garba other than one with a fusion of bright colors! It’s so important to make sure that the colors are not only contrasting but are also complementary.

Peacock green + Flamingo pink + Parrot blue = A beautiful and colorful Mehendi set up that is sure to brighten up any gloom!

Bring in some standing parasols draped in gold around blue pillows and a traditional swing on a contemporary stage and you bring in so many traditional elements of this event that you will keep staring in awe!

Start your event with a bang and set the scene of what’s upcoming – let it be fun, colorful, and bright!

Ami and Sean 1

Ami and Sean 2 Ami and Sean 3

Ami and Sean 4

Photo – Thuy Pham

Venue – Crowne Plaza Warwick RI

A Fun Sangria Colored South Asian Wedding Reception! Ami and Anish’s final stop is even more fun filled than the other preceding events! What can you think of pairing an upbeat, fun, dance-y reception with…. other than a bottle of sangria?! They may or may not have served sangria at the bar, but at Love Décor we sure delivered the “fun” in the event with our décor! The dark amethyst drape set the stage in the background, complimented with our regal white sofa carrying gold and fluffy pillows in the foreground.

Oh and the glittery gold… see it sprinkled in the drapes and the larger than life pots in symmetry.



Tablescape and details
On the sangria table linens rested the candelabras with hanging florals and candles, and on the background were the paisley designs by Silk Events Dj & Lighting mirroring the stage –all setting the mood for a fun night ahead, and nothing short of fun it was!


Photography – The Wedding Story
Dj + Lighting – Silk Events Dj + Lighting
Venue – Hyatt Cambridge

A Gold and Bold Engagement Affair

The Stage

Is there any better way to follow through on a big and beautiful proposal than with a gold and bold affair?! We totally loved executing their vision into reality! As you can see, there’s a regal chandelier in the back drop that is paired with high vases that are in total symmetry with the color on their outfits (spot the gold!). The pops of white that touch the tone of gold strewn in the stage, add delicacy to the boldness of the intricate details.

Alka and Tarang Indian Wedding Decor Massachusetts

Alka and Tarang Indian Wedding Decor Massachusetts Alka and Tarang Indian Wedding Decor Massachusetts


How pretty do the strings of white floral look on the tall, gold vases?! The entire set up was bold yet delicate which provided the perfect balance to the stage.

Alka and Tarang Indian Wedding Decor Massachusetts Alka and Tarang Indian Wedding Decor Massachusetts

Alka and Tarang Indian Wedding Decor Massachusetts


Silk Events does it again with their lighting! There’s no other way to bring out this gold and bold affair other than using a pastel lighting. Remember, your lighting should always add the perfect balance to the core of your theme, and always choose colors based on your overall theme, and not just a mish-mash one color to another, that’s why an overall look is critical to your decor.

And with the force of Silk Events + Love Decor in one room, that’s the last thing you need to worry!

Alka and Tarang Indian Wedding Decor Massachusetts Alka and Tarang Indian Wedding Decor Massachusetts

Venue: Marriott Quincy MA

Photo: Jashim Jalal Studios



A Colorful Outdoor Mehndi Party At The Groom’s Family Home!

A colorful mehndi party is one of many vibrant celebrations that are part of a traditional Indian or South East Asian wedding. A mehndi party is such a lift-me-up as it merges so many bright colors! What we absolutely loved about putting this together at the groom’s family home wasn’t just the decor, but working so closely with groom who was absolutely into the décor details! It’s rare to come across a groom so actively involved in the creativity of the Mehndi event!


Lounge seating, fluffly pillows, colorful tents and comfortable seating under a clear blue sky! This is the beauty of the Mehndi event – it brings together families and friends in a casual banter gearing up for the wedding, as the ladies get their hands adorned with Mehndi. And as the ladies wait for it to dry on their hands, the males cater to all their wants and needs!

Vihari and Chetak Indian Wedding Decor Sangeet Massachusetts

Vihari and Chetak Indian Wedding Decor Sangeet Massachusetts

Vihari and Chetak Indian Wedding Decor Sangeet Massachusetts

All in the details

The pink umbrellas with dangling crystals are the perfect harmony surrounding the orange futons with pink and blue pillows on a sturdy white floor that lays on soft grass. The colors are so different, but so in sync and weave together in perfect symmetry! The whole look is so mesmerizing and lively.

Vihari and Chetak Indian Wedding Decor Sangeet Massachusetts

Vihari and Chetak Indian Wedding Decor Sangeet Massachusetts

Vihari and Chetak Indian Wedding Decor Sangeet MassachusettsVihari and Chetak Indian Wedding Decor Sangeet Massachusetts

Vihari and Chetak Indian Wedding Decor Sangeet Massachusetts


Photo: Nicole Chan Photography