Tips for Creating a Black, White and Gold Themed Wedding

When you think black you think intense, passionate, and sensational. When you combine black, white and gold it adds a character that is so powerful and unique. When I run out of ideas of matching my outfits, I often think of black. It’s the reliability factor, never disappointing. So, if you are thinking of a wedding around the color black, look at what we’ve come up with!

The Stage

It goes without saying that white on black is as classical as it gets. And when your intensely sultry bride adorns the powerful black, there is no other place that will shine her even more than her sitting on a crisp white throne and her feet touching the clean contemporary floor. Let the white in the throne and floor expand to the background as well and let it be the basis for the surroundings. The further you expand the white, the more the epicenter shines and the eyes fall on her. Adding a few black and gold drapes will add just enough melodrama that is needed to break the white to get you back on the center of attention.


The white from the stage surroundings and from the hanging chandelier continues to the top of the tablescape, with white florals filled to the brim, and rests on the centering gold linens. Add the black sashes on the Chiavari chairs to bring back just enough of the melodrama. So many little details to make it all look so powerful and sensuous!

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dsc_7169  dsc_7082

Photo – Eric Andrew Photography

Lighting – Silk Events Dj + Lighting